Country Farm Wedding, Bishopville, SC

Charleston Photographer, Farm wedding, Charleston SC

Samantha and Todd married on the family farm.  Todd spent his summers and every Holiday working and playing on his Aunt’s Arabian horse farm that has been passed down, from generation to generation. Samantha grew up over the pond in France.  For Samantha, it was love at first sight.  Both for Todd and the farm!

Planning a wedding in the country, 100 mile from home had its challenges but the rewards were great.  Catering, wedding cake tasting, tent rentals, and music all had to be booked.  Countless trips to a small near by town as well as meeting vendors in their home town of Charleston was required in order to check items off the list.  Hotels were blocked off for  out of town guests (nearly everybody), maps were created to ensure the same guests could arrive on time and the photographer was secured.

Samantha really wanted to have her bridal portrait made in beautiful Charleston.  We started in White Point gardens, know to visitors as Battery park, and set up on the band stand.  A light drizzle hampered our timing a little but soon cleared.  Umbrellas and a white sheet helped to protect her stunning dress.

Next on our list was the beach.  Keeping the dress clean is not so easy in sand but the effort is worth it.  Samantha’s dress was ready to go with just a little touch up along the bottom…  Beach bridal portraits are fun, challenging and produce stunning photographs.  I love large panoramic photographs!

Samantha dressed and prepared in the main house while Todd and the groomsmen took over the “little barn”.  Almost on cue the girls popped the champagne corks at the same moment to boys cracked the tops on a round of beer. We started with Todd and his groomsmen. Storytelling images of good ole American guys.  Rough housing around the way only close friends tease.  Fumbling with cuff links and rented tuxedo vests.  Last minute shoe polishes and last minute rounds of pool.  The girls continued with champagne and hairstylists and exploding suitcases and laughter and tears and hugs.

Samantha walked down the aisle with her father in the front lawn of the 100 year old home.  Todd stood next to his father waiting.  Nerves, excitement, anticipation.  Todd’s father was there to give his advice earlier as well.  The small ceremony was perfectly timed.  Samantha and Todd chose to have a receiving line and greeted each and every guest.  Off to take bridal party portraits and family portraits and then the party began.  Under a large tent in the side yard, Samantha and Todd danced their first dance while the DJ’s bubble machine surrounded the dance floor.  The night continued with a special song performed by the groom and then a LOT of karaoke.

We staged a send off photo earlier so the party could go on and on…