Fun Baby Portraits

infant baby photography, Charleston, SCWell I have to give Rick all the props for this one…..Shhh or it might go to his head.

Today our Sully turned three months. Time really just does fly by. Soon Sully will be walking and talking. In case you all were wondering, she is not sitting up on her own just yet. She is not a wonder child and even though every parent thinks their  kid is a genius, I think that she is just a regular kid. While she is tall and lean I really like how she looks a little chunky in this particular photo. Also her hair is a mess. Like she has been working in the kitchen. In truth her hair is always this way, she has a giant cowlick on the back of her head and her hair is too short to weight it down.

Baby and newborn photography is so amazing . You can have so much fun in ways that you can’t have with adults. And the innocence just beams through.  Additionally all babies have special qualities even if they are not so symmetrical. As a neonatal ICU nurse I see many babies that are not the most beautiful but they are all cute in one way or another. A great photographer can take these imperfections and make them beautiful to everyone. It is for this reason that we usually donate “Babies first Christmas” photos to those babies that are at MUSC’s Neonatal ICU. As a NICU nurse I recognize every day that life is precious and in some cases too short. It is for this reason that I encourage people to take the extra time and capture fun poses as well as the candid moments.

In an effort to help people feel more comfortable capturing these moments, Rick is offering private classes for parents. Photographs of life are not only a documentation of life but also windows into the heart and sole of the subjects. They don’t always turn out the way the we envision them but they are always real treasured in the end.

Rick charges a reasonable price of $50 dollars an hour per person at this time with a minium of 2 hours. Group rates are available. During this time he teaches parents how to use their specific camera. Because some of these moments are only once in a lifetime, snap shots aren’t just snap shots. ng.

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