Published Works

Published Books

Rick has had the pleasure of photographing nine Cookbooks as well as one Architecture/History book.  Contact us to collaborate or discuss your book idea!


We love to create portraits!

From the West Wing to newborn babies in the Hospital waiting to go home. For political promotions or to send Grandma. A portrait should capture the personality, beauty and excitement that is in us all…


Food Photography

Best known for his food photography, Rick has worked with self-taught home-cook foodie as well as the some of the most celebrated, award winning, famous television chefs.  The one thing they all have in common is the love of good food and an appreciation for imagery that makes you hungry!

Rick has a strong knowledge of food and food styling that always helps the day of a shoot.  Bring a stylist, plate your own or have us do it all.  We are here to create images that make your food…mouth watering!



Interiors. Exteriors. Details. Aerials.

Architecture is one of the hardest photography disciplines. In addition to requiring the right equipment, perspective control lens and lighting, creating images for a specific client is an art in itself.  The end use of the photograph will often dictate the style used in creating images. Often times, though, its best to blend styles, or shoot in multiple styles as the needs of a client may change.  This requires experience and vision on the part of the photographer.

Rick has traveled the country from Key West to Maine to San Diego to Alaska creating Architecture imagery for a wide variety of clients.  Realtors to Home-Owners. Architects to Interior Designers.  French Antique dealers to Artist lofts.  Bed & Breakfasts to 5-star Resorts.

Contact us today to discuss your project!


Professional Services

Rick McKee & Tara Lowry  joined forces in 2001 in the Washington DC area. After working nationally for 3 years they chose to return home to Charleston SC. Their boutique photography firm works in a variety of areas including

  • Architecture
  • Food
  • Portrait
  • Lifestyle Editorial
  • Event
  • We occassionally photograph Weddings

The mission of Rick and Tara is to provide high quality, professional images while putting the client’s needs and wants first. Recognizing the importance of images in today’s markets, they have developed a reputation amongst their clients that embodies professionalism, quality and the drive for client satisfaction. They listen carefully to the client vision for projects, then work with, or without, direction. Rick and Tara have some clients that work side by side with them on location. They have others who prefer to give them a broad outline to work from. Yet they have others who look to them for preliminary design, location and direction.

Whatever your photography needs we look forward to making them happen. Please call or email for a custom proposal.

Rick McKee

Rick grew up in the Carolinas and studied art at the College of Charleston. His career as a professional photographer began in Washington, DC and has been working nationally and internationally for over a decade. His passion for photography is expressed through his innate creativity and his drive to create spectacular visions with the highest level of professionalism. He has had the pleasure of creating portraits for such personalities as James Carvel, Sandi Berger and former vice president Al Gore. He has photographed national advertisement materials for companies like Wyndham, Hilton, Westlaw and Boy Scouts of America. Some of his recent projects include a cookbook for the famed southern restaurant Magnolia’s, a restaurant documentary book Cypress, Southern Biscuits, Farmers Market Cookbook, Grandeur Preserved, Putting UP, and Putting Up More, Mastering the art of Southern Cooking James Beard Winner) and Double Dinners. His editorial work has appeared in such publications as The Washingtonian, First Magazine, Charleston Magazine, NWC, Kiawah Legends and Coastal Living to name a few. Assignments have taken him around the country and into the White House, photographing President Obama. He utilizes classic films and cutting edge digital technology to create his works based on his client’s needs and wants.

Tara Lowry

Raised in the Low country, Tara received a BS in Business from the University of Maryland. She began working professionally in 2001. Her assignments have taken her from Cape Cod to California. She embraces the latest digital technology to capture her images while still holding on to the old techniques of traditional black and white photography for her portraiture and wedding photojournalism. Her work can be seen in such publications as Modern Bride, Charleston Magazine and Deep Magazine. Tara has collaborated on a variety of projects including print media design, ad campaigns for small businesses and other graphic media formats. Tara currently focuses on children and wedding photojournalism. She has taken her love of children to the medical field and works as a Registered Nurse in a Neonatal ICU.


Frogmored stewed is a production company that Rick McKee started in 2010. His love for still imagery moved him to explore motion pictures. Currently he produces short films, documentaries, promotional films and informational pictures.

Some of Frogmored Stewed clients include:

Historic Charleston Foundation

Urban Electric Company

Southland Industries

Glick Boehm and Associates

Experience Works

Cypress, HMGI

Rutledge Cab Co.

Chefs Robert Carter, Craig Deihl, Donald Barrickman and Bryan Lindsay

Authors Holly Herrick, Steve Dowdney, Cynthia Graubart and Nathalie Dupree



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